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Organizing Conferences

IITC organizes specialized conferences every year and it can arrange conferences for those institutions who would like to organize their conferences in Istanbul and Kuala Lumpur.


IITC provides administrative and financial advisory services in cooperation with a group of experts who have deep experiences and knowledge in training and consulting. IITC provides services in various fields such as: - Preparation of internal employee regulations and policies. - Preparation of job descriptions and organisations structures. - Preparation of feasibility studies for small and medium business projects (exclusively in Turkey) .

Researches & Ottoman archives

IITC provides a number of studies in different fields, as well as those related to case studies and assessment studies, which helps the senior departments to take the right decisions in accordance with accurate knowledge of reality and in light of clear visions for the future ... IITC also provides search services in the Turkish Ottoman archives and the extraction of documents by specialists in the Ottoman archives .

Software and systems development

After identifying the needs of the organizations and institutions that seek to shift to electronic work, IITC with his specialized programmers will design programs suited to the nature and needs of your work, whether they are accounting programs or private procurement and stores or those related to salaries and human resources and tasks distribution.

In House Training

This type of training is the most common method of training because it requires only one person who is familiar with how to perform the tasks as well as the tools used by the individual to carry out the task. This method may not be the most efficient or efficient over time, but in normal circumstances it is considered the easiest way to arrange and manage. Because training is on-site, it may be highly realistic and knowledge is not necessary. This type of training is often cost-effective because there is no need to provide special equipment that is not normally used for the task. The disadvantage of on-site training is to disrupt the trainer and the training materials on production throughout the duration of the training. In addition, because of the principle of safety and other factors of production, this type of training is prohibited in some environments.